How To Start Your Day
In The Best Way

May 2013Mind & Body

JK7® Morning Routine

Morning rituals are a wonderful way to help us wake-up and set a positive tone for our day. Even after a night of bad sleep and nightmarish dreams.  These rituals can change our consciousness of both mind and body. Waking up and getting going in the morning is one of the greatest challenges we often face. Not to mention the mental “to do” list we begin in our head as our eyes first open. However, if we are able to support ourselves in a few simple ways, we come to see that the morning is not just beautiful because the sun is rising into the sky but also because we are rising up to meet the world around us. We are in charge of the way that we approach our day and there is no reason that we can’t do that from a place of peace and readiness.

Step 1: Warm Water and Lemon

Ease into your day with a morning ritual so important and simple that you can’t help but follow through. Upon awaking,  drink a cup full of warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Doing this will help you to rehydrating your system, and create proper elimination of waste through the kidney and bowels. As the lemon acts to boost your immunity with Vitamin C, it will also balance your pH with its alkaline acting properties.

Step 2: Dry Brushing 

Help to kick start your circulation and metabolism by using a dry brush or damp washcloth/small towel to invigorate and cleanse your skin. Starting with your outer limbs, move in a circular motion towards your body. This process will help to push your blood flow back to your heart and also move your lymph fluid towards your lymph nodes. At the same time the dead skin cells will be removed, leaving you feeling refreshed and enlivened. This is a real wake-up call. Follow this step with a hot shower, turning your temperature dials to cold, for a final refreshing rinse.

Downward Dog

Step 3: Soft Yoga/Stretching Poses  

Cat-Cow Poseis a great morning stretch for your back. Opening up your whole spine, this yoga position helps to get your body moving again after your night of rest. To get into this yoga pose you will get down on all fours. Gaze up at the ceiling, while you drop your back down toward the floor and inhale. Then while looking down at your belly, you arch your back up as a cat does and exhale. Move back and forth through this pose using long breaths for two minutes.

Downward Dog Posehelps you to opens up the back of the body and is very energizing as well as grounding and focusing. For this pose, start on your hands and knees. Place your knees directly below your hips and move knees and feet apart to hips width.  Place hands a bit in front of your shoulders at shoulders width. Press back, lifting your knees away from the floor as you keep your arms straight. Lift your tailbone up and stretch your heels to the floor. It is okay to keep a slight bend in the knee in order to not overstrain your hamstrings. Breathe deeply through this pose, allowing yourself to sink into the stretch a little more with each exhalation. Hold this pose for 5-10 deep breaths.

It is advisable to practice Yoga every day. If you can keep up a Yoga routine of at least 20 minutes per day you will experience a lot of things shifting to the better. There are many Yoga studios all over the world, just find the one that suits you best, so that you can learn and eventually practice by yourself. 

Step 4: Set Your Intention by Focusing and Meditating

Before you allow your mind to take you on a journey through the many things your day may have in store for you, take a moment to meditate on ideas of balance and acceptance. Find an area in your living space in which you can sit comfortably and quietly. Come into an easy seat on the floor by crossing your legs or sit up straight on a chair, palms face up on your knees. Allow your chin to dip slightly so that your spine lengthens and gaze upward with closed eyes. Choose one good positive thought and feeling and stay with it. Be conscious of automatic thoughts and feelings and as they try to come in, simply let them go and get back to your chosen thought (e.g. I am joyful!, I am free!, I am kind!, I am love!). You will feel great as you extend your meditation time day by day, from seconds to minutes, fully focused and relaxed. Over time this smallest step with and in your mind, will create much bigger steps than can be imagined, and the challenges in your daily, often stressful life, will be easier to handle. 


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