Migraine, an ugly companion – an easy way to leave it behind.

July 2013Mind & Body

An Indian Yoga Teacher once shared with us a very easy way to get rid of migraines. However, he also said “people need to be ready for this, as it is a great thing to hold on to”.

 Here is how to do it, a process so easy that it is hard to believe that it works – but it does!!!

Stand upright and start to bend your knees until you are sitting all the way down onto your heels. If more balance is needed you can rest your fingertips on the floor, otherwise place your hands on your knees and sit relaxed for 5-7 minutes. Bare the pain if it comes up and breath through the nose. After a while the attention and focus as well as the blood flow will shift to the lower part of the body. Bear with it, and relax. Once you have done this for the time indicated you headache will be gone. Try it again and again, and be ready for change for the better.


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