Our Skin Eats too!

December 2013NutritionBeauty

Just as the foods we consume are processed and absorbed by the body, so too are some of the products in the skin care we use. For this reason it is said that the skin “eats” too.

Because our bodies actively use the ingredients in our skin care, it is important to know the source from which they come. Having an awareness of the source helps us to understand their quality and in essence, their effectiveness.  In the same way that  “health foods” have a positive impact on our lives by helping to stave off illnesses and creating a life of vitality, naturally proven, quality skin care has its own powerfully positive effects. The vast majority of the skin care products in the World’s market today still contain petrol-chemicals, and inhumanely procured animal products, all while promising to be “natural”.

It is not only the ingredients that make a product amazing, it is also how they are created and how they are utilized. Almost anyone can research and find highly advertised and known brand components, however it takes a deep understanding of how the natural products should be composed, to make them effective. When the skin and the digestive tract absorb nutrients, the substances must be bio-available and digestible, which means of real natural origin

Dr. Klein, founder and owner of JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care has been quoted as saying:

“I have devoted a lifetime to mastering bio-available skincare formulations. Bio-availability refers to the degree at which a substance is actually absorbed and used by the body. It is my years of knowledge and experience that has allowed me to create the unique and high performing natural herbal signature extracts I use exclusively for our JK7® products. I believe that making them available for mass production would equate to poor quality and misuse.”

A large percentage of the JK7® ingredients are of limited availability, making them precious and expensive. Because of this, they can only be increased steadily year by year.

In the Hawaiian culture the Kupuna (Hawaiian elders) are looked to as keepers of wisdom and knowledge. The Kupuna encourage the younger generations by saying… “Nana I ke Kumu”, or “look at the source!” Each handcrafted JK7® skin care product comes from a 100% natural, high quality, and authentic source!!

The JK7® owners and scientists have over 35 years of experience in the natural herbal cosmetic and herbal supplement market. For this long, they have been developing products based on natural ingredients that are safe, powerful, and perform outstandingly well on the skin. We at JK7® watch very carefully what we offer to the skin’s surface. Our goal is to look for ways to support the skin and body as a whole, short and long-term. It is all about longevity.

We care for and encourage our users to look to the source!
“The Otherness” of JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care is truly holistic – let your skin tell you the truth!

Proudly Hawaiian!

Sincerely yours,
JK7®Luxurious Natural Skin Care Team


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