Little time …, and quick results?

February 2014Natural HealingBeauty

As the world advances technologically and our lives become busier and busier, people are increasingly accustomed to attaining things quickly. It seems that many of us are too impatient to accept processes that require time. Attention spans have shortened, and an addiction to “quick fix solutions” has evolved.

Today, we are particularly interested in quick results for our bodies too, because we feel we have such little time to look after ourselves properly. Whether it is a dietary supplement that is said to help you lose five to ten pounds a week, a teeth whitening system that lightens our teeth by a few shades after using it only a few times, or a cosmetic serum that promises to “turn back time” and make our skin look many years younger. Though undoubtedly appealing, these options should set off an alarm in the back of your mind. Hundreds of products are being developed under the guise of quick results, most of them making false pretenses. If these promises were kept, we would not be seeing new wonder cosmetics launched every year, with the previous ones disappearing from the market.

Health and wellness come from the inside out and outside in. They come from making mindful and lasting choices, not from following fads that promise quick results …

Many skin care lines claim to offer natural, herbal wonder products but do they really?
Or are these products merely advertising specific ingredients to you because manufacturers know you are more likely to purchase something that is deemed “natural”?

Many chemically based skin care lines claim to have scientifically proven, high performance ingredients. Do they really?
Or are they using substances, which have an illusionary or even placebo-like effect? Take silicone as an example. When added to skin care products it is said to fill in the wrinkles, causing them to look smooth. However, it rinses away after one wash.

Most skin care manufacturers do not mention the negative side effects of their products nor the accelerated skin aging impact of chemically based skin care over time. Why?
Possibly, because they want you to BUY THEIR PRODUCT and believe in their cost-intensive advertising and marketing.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it has many necessary functions:

  • It acts as a waterproofing barrier.
  • It helps regulate body temperature.
  • It works together with the brain and nervous system to help detect positive and negative physical sensations.
  • It brings in oxygen and nutrients.
  • It helps remove waste.

The skin is renewable but – like the rest of the body – it must be supported properly. Using the right skin care will help you do this. Read below what JK7® Skin Care can do for you and your skin.


Balance between aging naturally and making the most of your looks without using poisonous chemicals like Botox or having to undergo dangerous plastic surgery. Both are very likely to make you look older than you actually are!

Just imagine you were able to erase all signs of aging. Would it not look and feel unnatural? Many actresses and public figures turn toward surgeries, which make them all look uncannily similar to each other. Imagine the scars they must now try to cover with make-up for the rest of their lives. With the opportunity and the means at your fingertips, why would you not choose to look ten to fifteen years younger by using natural, safe BENEFICIAL skin care?

We at JK7® call this a truly satisfying life-looks balance!

There are seven JK7® moisturizers to choose from for the eyes and face, plus supporting products for the face and body. Combined with a healthy diet and physical exercise, these products will do the job, helping you to experience a sound and authentic balance.

We at JK7® do PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH! Though we do not take it to extremes. We are living proof of the wellness and joy that have been brought to our lives through the daily practice of yoga as well as a healthy diet.

More short-term effects of JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care:

  • It firms, tones and stabilizes the skin.
  • It prevents dehydration and moisturizes deeply.
  • It reduces signs of aging.

We look forward to going beyond the short-terms effects listed above, and elaborating on medium- and long-term effects in our next newsletter.

The purpose of the cosmetics industry is to sell products! Large quantities of products which are more often than not produced at as low a cost as possible to ensure maximum profit. Dr. Jurgen Klein has already attained professional accolades. What he aims for is not maximum profit by selling cosmetics but to create maximum benefit for you through the use of his latest luxury, high performing skin care! JK7® is committed to the betterment of humanity and the environment through health and wellness.


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