Glow On! Exfoliate, Hydrate & Go!

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Summer is all about the glow!

A glow of excitement that comes at the start of fresh new seasons, most evident in Summer or ‘Kau wela’ (Hawaiian for Summer). A glow of anticipation for ‘the Summer’ is experienced all over the world, and most especially here in the Islands of Hawaii.

To grab the glow for yourself and your skin, try adopting a Seasonal Specific Skin Care regimen to give you that bright and glowing complexion. Superior skin care is not a rote routine – same same – same day in same day out – year round. No no no! The best skin care changes, literally, with the wind, elements & climate.

Heading into the warmer months our skin is often dryer from the cold temperatures and harsh elements of winter and early Spring. Sometimes, depending on your region, skin can actually become quite dehydrated. The colder temperatures and wind remove moisture from the environment leaving less moisture available to our thirsty skin.

The Result: Layers of dry dead dehydrated skin takes the look of a dull, non-glowing complexion.

As a matter of fact our skin is continually shedding layers on its own, but sometimes it could use a little gentle assistance. Regeneration of skin cells happens daily, with the average skin cell having a life span of fourteen to twenty-eight days.

Important to Note – No matter how much we moisturize – once the skin cells are dead they must be removed in order for the moisturizer to be able to penetrate the epidermis and go to work.

A mild exfoliator is the perfect way to help do just that. When you choose an exfoliating product that uses a fine scrubbing agent, you are gently polishing the skin to remove both the dead skin cells and impurities, revealing your newest, freshest skin beneath and simultaneously promoting blood circulation in facial skin layers. Your skin will be visibly rejuvenated! {More on blood flow later}.

We must be conscientious of the way we exfoliate though. Often we have the impression that we have to really scrub to improve our skin condition; however, using too course an exfoliator or too strong a pressure, can be harmful and scratch your delicate facial skin. We are only looking to remove the superficial layer. 

Shopping Tip: Look for an exfoliating product with grains or granules that feel fine to the touch not abrasive, and, when used on the back of your hand, remove the dull appearance but do not leave your skin red or aggravated. 

That covers the outside for now, but what about the inside?

You need flow, to glow. Blood flow that is! Water, as you are keenly aware works hand in hand with overall health and well-being. Increasing your water intake can also help to plump the skin, because the complex structures which create collagen require water in order to work properly.

Hydrated skin allows for increased circulation. There are numerous benefits of increased circulation. A wonderful effect here is as the blood flows more easily to your face you receive that internal glow from the oxygenated blood and at the same time lymphatic fluid is moving as well, which purifies your skin.
Oxygenated cells are a beautiful thing!

Thirdly on the Road to Glow, a well-formulated facial moisturizer which helps to improve the barrier function of the skin, is another excellent way to support the skin in retaining moisture. A product containing Hyaluronic Acid, which is quite popular in skin care today, does just this. At JK7® our Hyaluronic Acid is sourced from the Silver Ear Mushroom. The barrier function of the skin is simply the skins ability to retain moisture.

Caveat Emptor: Be acutely aware of chemical ingredients and harsh preservatives in your product. Read Research Discover. These additives will counteract all of the good work you’ve put in to showing your glowing best self.

The JK7® Facial Scrub using Bamboo Powder and French Polynesian Vanilla Bean will remove those unwanted dead skin cells and impurities. It also clears and minimizes skin pores and helps promote blood circulation. The combination of JK7® Signature herb and oil extracts balance the skins moisture content and promote cell regeneration.

Action Steps: The few simple and effective steps above, combined with summer fun, exercise and ono (delicious) fresh summer faire, and you’ll soon find your bronzer at the bottom of your cosmetic bag! Who needs it when you’re glowing from within!

What’s On Our Vanity ?

Because of the increase in humidity here in Hawaii and the fact that I’m experiencing skin changes due to my pregnancy, you’ll currently find a more simplified JK7® regimen on my vanity.

Product Sales & Media Manager, Alia
  1. Foaming Face Wash
  2. Facial Scrub
  3. Beauty Moisturizing Mist – Lemon & Lime 
  4. Eye Gel
  5. Day Face Lotion

Aloha and from us here on the North Shore of Hawaii –
Have your-self a beautiful illuminated Summer.


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