Forever Young!

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Never become old. Never die.

Bio-gerontologist Aubrey de Grey strives to make this vision become reality. In the meantime, cosmetic and beauty companies promise to at least prevent the aging process from showing to the outside. “Forever young” – a motto that almost all of Hollywood is obsessed with. Botox, face lifts, cosmetic nose surgery, cheek implants… there is a seemingly endless list of corrections and optimization options. 

However, the beauty frenzy could backfire severely: Both repeated surgeries at different parts of the body as well as the use of Botox make natural beauties become Barbie look-alikes, if not worse. You hardly recognize many of the formerly very beautiful women anymore. Male sex symbols undergo plastic surgery, too – more or less successfully. As a consequence, their faces become like masks and the recognition factor is close to zero. 

Important to Note – It has become seemingly interesting for everybody to outsmart aging, not only for the celebrities. JK7® can show you how it’s done – naturally.

Those who refuse to have snake or bee venom injected in their skin may resort to myriads of anti-aging creams, which the cosmetic industry has launched to the market for them. The respective brands promise stunning results and use scientific research and product tests to support their statements. Customers are not thoroughly aware of the questionable ingredients and harmful substances in the so-called anti-aging wonder products.

Well, who would voluntarily put a cancer-causing toxic cocktail on their skin only to have a few wrinkles less for some time? There are two answers to the question why cosmetic companies use such harmful ingredients despite the known shocking side effects: Firstly, the said ingredients are relatively cheap; secondly, the permission to use some of these ingredients date back to the time when the skin was generally considered an impenetrable barrier that would keep toxic substances outside of the body anyways. How wrong could they possibly be?

Quick self test: Just put some grinded garlic under the sole of your foot for 30 minutes and you will have bad breath as if you had eaten a whole bowl of it!

Healthy food

Good nutrition is the most important move towards agility and longevity. A multi-faceted, balanced diet, containing a lot of fibers, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as high-quality proteins, helps achieve a significant anti-aging effect. Pay attention to the freshness and origin of your food, too. Choose vegan and vegetarian whenever possible.


Sports slows down the aging process, gives you a younger and slimmer appearance and works against the loss of power. The right training enhances blood circulation in all of the body’s organs, including the brain. And the good news is: You don’t have to become a professional athlete to benefit from the anti-aging effect of physical exercise. What matters is that you work out regularly for a longer period of time.


While we are asleep our skin recovers and regenerates which makes us look more alive and younger. The old Indian doctor Vāgbhaṭa once said: “Sleep defines health and sickness, fatness and leanness, success and failure, life and death.”

Relaxation and inner balance

Too much stress and constant overload can accelerate the aging process or interfere with successful anti-aging. In reverse, relaxation and inner balance are key to profit from natural anti-aging. A helpful means of disposing stress and mental/emotional problems is yoga and meditation.

JK7®-Tip: Treat yourself with our Rejuvenating Serum Lotion – containing natural based herbal liposomes, proteins, and peptides. This gem is the most potent product of the JK7® Skin Care line and the perfect start for your anti-ageing routine.

Natural Skin Care

Back to nature! Under the strict survey of Mother Nature, Dr. Jurgen Klein has developed a unique and highly effective natural cosmetics line – JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care. Completely naturally based ingredients stimulate cell regeneration, boost skin elasticity and in this way, restore the skin’s health.


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