Aloha Chur, Switzerland!

April 2018Now

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary and our newest home, is the remarkable Naturkosmetik Stebler on Quaderstrasse!

We announce with great pleasure, that JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care has embarked on a soulful journey within the glorious old world city of Chur, Switzerland, at the finest purveyor of, “products (which) are exceptional works of art handmade with love, and in the best quality by family businesses”, as said by its owner Mr. Patrick Stebler.

Our intention at JK7®, is to make real and meaningful connections with our partners, customers, and people who are drawn to wellness and living their best life possible. Here at Naturkosmetik Stebler, with Patrick and his staff, we feel we achieve this desire once again.

“When the time is right, new doors open, and there is room for a deeper understanding and connection to take place. These are the moments when we can really make a difference by contributing to people’s health and wellbeing. Thank you, Mr. Stebler, for opening your doors to JK7® and helping us to make these connections.”

Karin Klein, JK7® CEO and Co-Founder. 

JK7® continues to bring artistry and unsurpassed quality to skin care, like no other. Mr. Stebler recognizing the kinship between our two company’s principles and cultures, expressed his affinity for JK7®:

“JK7® offers a level of quality that is exactly what I was looking for in my nature shop. In my shop, cosmetic products containing chemical preservatives, parabens or silicones are banned. I only wish the best for my clients, and JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care fulfills this completely. You could say JK7® is the La Prairie of natural cosmetics.” 


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