Feeling good in your Skin?

July 2018NutritionBeauty

do you always feel good in your skin? If not, we have a valuable tip for you, with which you can noticeably improve your overall wellbeing from day to day.

Flawless and firm skin, shiny hair, beautiful fingernails and great charisma – who wouldn’t want this? But a radiant appearance isn’t a gift that only a few chosen ones receive. Above all, it’s a question of a healthy lifestyle in which nutrition plays an important role!

Even if you have been given the best genetic conditions, a lack of sleep, too little exercise and too much stress, alcohol or nicotine, will leave their marks. A lack of fluids causes small wrinkles on the face, and if important nutrients, protective vitamins, minerals and trace elements are lacking, the skin’s function is affected, and our precious „body shell“ becomes loose, cracked and sensitive.

Conscious nutrition acts as organic wholefood cosmetics from within. The right mix on your plate delivers a build-up of positive natural substances – the better nourished your skin is, the better you will look. That’s how simply, beauty works. So what are you waiting for? Eat yourself to your best you.

I feed my skin as I would my whole body. JK7® nourishes me completely: mind, body and soul.

Prema Tanaka, Gourmet Chef

Prema Tanaka, the vegan & vegetarian gourmet chef at the Sullivan Estate & JK7® SPA Retreat recommends:

  • freshly prepared well rounded vegetarian dishes
  • regional and seasonal products
  • saying no to processed-food


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