October 2018Now

JK7®’s famed Rejuvenating Serum Lotion recently had the unique and extremely fun opportunity of being featured on Season1, Episode2 of the VICELAND show, MOST EXPENSIVEST.

The episode titled “Bill of Health” aired on December 1st and featured the show’s host, stylish and personable rapper, 2Chainz, researching and experiencing some of the highest end and most exclusive ways to enjoy “healthcare”. 2Chainz visited the Swiss founded Osswald Perfumery, located in Soho NYC, and was greeted and treated by the boutique’s owner Tanja Dreiding Wallace and sales woman extraordinaire, Josie Plumey. Always on a quest to enjoy the finest things in life, the rapper experienced “the glow of the dragon” from JK7®’s “Superman Serum”.

Thank you 2Chainz and Osswald Perfumery!


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