A Day in the Life of the JK7® Wellness Lifestyle

April 2019Spa & Wellness

Your journey to complete rejuvenation begins here.

At The Sullivan Estate & JK7® SPA Retreat, the home of the precious JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care, we witness firsthand the value people receive from truly unplugging and retreating; allowing the release of their to-do lists and the multitude of obligations, even if it’s only for a one-day SPA getaway.

A day spent at The Sullivan Estate & JK7® SPA retreat typically begins with you breathing in the fresh Pacific Ocean air, as you relax on the lanai while being served freshly made organic juice & essential oil-scented hand towels.

Opening up your body and mind with a private yoga session tailored to your individual needs, leads into a closing mediation that may even involve live ukulele accompaniment, and divine mantra song. Now you are ready for a Detoxifying Aroma Steam Sauna & Cold Plunge.

The morning is punctuated by hydration stops along the way with fresh fruit infused water, light bites, and an organic morning tea. JK7 SPA-Sensator® Sensory Stress-Dissolving Treatment – the epitome of relaxation & letting go – will send you on your way to another level of relaxation and bliss. Then, it’s off to the Pavilion for a leisurely farm to table gourmet organic vegetarian lunch, created by the estate’s Private Chef Prema Tanaka. If you are here during our Winter to early Spring months you can whale watch as you nourish.

The afternoon continues with a variety of holistic treatment like a JK7® Full Body Signature Massage and perhaps a signature JK7® Natural Lifting Facial by one of our superb therapists.
We are passionate about the art of wellbeing and provide excellence in everything we do to fulfill your personal goals and make your stay the best ever.

So, how do you retreat? Or do you? If you have the desire, do you allow yourself the time?  Can you recognize your need for solace? The benefits to you can come in the way of increased energy, mental clarity, creativity and in finding your true passion, to name but a few.

And if you don’t have time to retreat right now, treat yourself in other ways you know that appeal to you. It may be a spa day, a yoga class, a meeting with a person you enjoy over a tasty cappuccino or simply a stroll through a local store that you love, one that infuses your senses with positivity and makes you feel better having visited. Ten days, ten hours, ten minutes … find YOUR retreat.

Find your piece of the JK7® Lifestyle in New York City. Visit the team at Osswald to learn more about a JK7® skin care regimen that would be right for you. Mention our newsletter through the end of April,
and receive a JK7® Unique Hair & Body Wash 30mL as a gift.

Osswald Parfumerie + Luxury Skincare Boutique
311 W Broadway, New York
Phone: +1 212-625-3111

For fun (and a positive change) choose a number from our JK7® Wellness Lifestyle wheel and commit to improving that aspect of your life for 21 days.
A positive change is sure to occur for you.

The Sullivan Estate and JK7® SPA Retreat, and our own, mindfully crafted, skin care line, JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care is rooted in the philosophy of wellness, well-living and longevity.

We look forward to helping you retreat soon.
Much Alohas and Wellbeing to you!
Your Private SPA Retreat,
The Sullivan Estate, Hawaii

Stay tuned for more WELLNESS communications from us,
and thank you being a part of our JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care Ohana!

~Your JK7® Team


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