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As April gives way to May, the celebration of May Day is upon us. May Day is Lei Day here in Hawaii Nei!

Flowers are woven into the fabric of life here in Hawaii, and they are vitally intrinsic to what we do here at JK7®, using many pure floral and herbal extracts and essences, in each of our face and body products.

Our Spring 2019 production season is in full swing. Dr. Klein and his select team of lab technicians are meticulously creating our full line of organic, plant based, face and body care, and JK7® Love and dedication is infused into every bottle. We proudly bring you the finest skin care on the planet today.

May Day > Lei Day

The idea of May Day, first proposed by Don Blanding, a writer and poet who suggested a day, “of general rejoicing over the fact that one lived in Paradise. Let it be a day for remembering old friends, renewing new contacts, with the slogan of ‘Aloha’.” 

Lei Day was officially launched in 1928.
From that year forward it has been celebrated with vigor and reverence. Lei Day in Hawaii is marked by hula, parades and of course the making and wearing of lei, and this year Lei Day celebrates its 92nd year!

Each lei carries with it the essence or spirit, ‘mana’, of the person who made it. When you give or receive lei, you can sense the undeniable spirit of Aloha. 

Created with a wide variety of flowers, these “island jewels” can be given to someone for almost any occasion. As to the tradition, etiquette and customs of how to offer and receive lei, there are a few, and they are beautifully nuanced. 

May is a wonderful time of year here at The Sullivan Estate & JK7 SPA Retreat!

The chilly northern winds occur less often now and the weather warms. The winter swells subside, replaced with a placid ocean, and the flora begins to bloom, impressing the power of flowers back into our minds. 

We encourage you to bring the essence of spring and the power of the flower, into your life, using the sight and smell as a natural way to lift your spirit.

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