The Great Shift in The Skincare Industry

August 2019NowBeauty

Herbal, Natural & High Performance Skin Care for Better Skin & Health.

All over the world an increasing number of new and established skin care companies are turning towards nature as a source of ingredients to formulate skin care and cosmetics that are safe, reliable, effective and gentle on our planet.

These companies are investing time and money into research and development of the best herb and plant based extracts to create effective, health conscious skin care products.

One such company is JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care. JK7® is light years ahead of the competition as Dr. Klein, JK7®’s creator, has made great use of his prior years of scientific research in the field of natural skin care. He has expertly applied this knowledge, in addition to his latest findings, to create the most advanced skin care in the world.

On the other side of this equation is the consumer who is also awakening to the downsides of chemically based skin care products and because of this knowledge, are expressing an ever increasing trend to purchase solely natural, organic products for their daily skin care regime and cosmetic needs.

High-Performing, Natural & Organic

A Luxury Herbal High Performance Cosmetic brand such as JK7® engages in eco-conscious manufacturing of all their beauty products. These products are made with high-performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins, and natural essential oils to improve, nourish and enhance your skin.

These Luxurious Herbal Performance Beauty Products , 21 in all, range from Cleansers to Face Masks to Moisturizers, Serum to lip care and more. We tried the Day Face Lotion made with Vanilla Extract from French Polynesia and rich Rose Oil from Morocco, enriched with soothing Hawaiian Kukui Oil. These exclusive ingredients moisturized and balanced the skin.

Similarly, the Detox Face Mask containing Hawaiian and Natural Zeolite Healing Earth and Citrus Oils, combined with organic herbs including Hamamelis, Chamomile, and Calendula, has an amazing detoxifying effect on skin, while effectively moisturizing it.

Herbal and Natural High-Performance Cosmetics are a better alternative to chemical based skin care products that are harsh on your skin, and are often a reason for premature ageing. Natural and organic products, support, heal and nourish the skin.


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