Ready For Spring?

April 2020Beauty

Spring is truly a natural time to reawaken your spirit
and get a fresh start inside and out.

At JK7®, we are conscious that the current situation around the world is a challenging one. It is more important than ever to take time to care – care for others, care for oneself.

Ultimately spring is all about opportunity – a time for cultivating the qualities of courage and optimism, of strengthening the belief in ourselves and our powers to achieve and overcome obstacles – the greatest of which is perhaps our own fear, which prevents us from stepping into the unknown.

As the days grow longer and warmer, we can choose to capture that sense of freshness and renewal in order that it can be remembered, savoured and built on throughout the year.

3 Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Skin This Spring

1. Exfoliate
By removing dead skin cells and impurities, your skin will be visibly rejuvenated. We recommend a scrub which is gentle on your delicate skin like the JK7® Facial Scrub with Bamboo Powder and Vanilla Bean from French-Polynesia.

2. Drink, Drink & Drink
It sound like a cliché, but drinking water really does do wonders for your skin! Drinking enough water helps your digestive system flush out toxins from your body. This, in turn, will improve your complexion for healthy and glowing skin.

3. Change your Moisturizer
As part of your spring skin care routine, choose a lighter moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, without weighing it down. The light yet powerful JK7® Day Face Lotion with precious Moroccan Rose Oil is perfect for those desiring fresh, more youthful looking skin.

JK7® Tip

By using organic products such as JK7®, which physically support the health of your skin, and skin cells at the cellular level, you are adding another layer of defense to your body’s health and wellbeing.


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