The Science Behind JK7® – Harnessing Nature’s Miracle

June 2020NowBeauty

The “Nature vs. Science” debate is often brought up in the beauty industry. The premise of these discussions is that science and synthetically developed “scientific ingredients”, straight out of the lab, are superior in performance. But in reality, nature is science at its best!

Dr. Jurgen Klein’s experience in 100% natural skincare formulation, spans numerous decades, and has lead him to a deep understanding of nature’s best ingredients for amazing skin.

His specialized techniques allow him to harness very specific compounds within these natural materials, making them bio-available to users, so that they may experience long term benefits and naturally beautiful skin.  

Let’s change the beauty industry

Formulated naturopathically, to be in tune with what our skin and body need to flourish. JK7® brings new life to the skin cells with  uncompromising formulas, free of all chemicals and toxins.

JK7® delivers the perfect unity of highest quality, evidence-based natural ingredients, and true care. Resulting in your best most vibrant skin!

“Premature ageing, endocrine (hormonal) imbalance, and toxin absorption by the internal organs, are some of the side effects resulting from chemicals commonly used in skin care.”

Dr. Jurgen Klein


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