Ready For Summer?

Get the best summer-skin of your life. Just like you wouldn’t wear winter clothes in summer, you might want to change your skincare products going into the summer season. We recommend to change back to more thorough foaming…

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July 2020Beauty

Ingredients In The Spotlight

JK7® Signature Pomegranate Extract is one of the secrets to glowing skin. For thousands of years the pomegranate has been seen as a symbol of beauty and strength, and it’s been proven that its extracts offers serious skincare benefits, regardless of skin type, condition…

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May 2020Beauty

Ready For Spring?

Spring is truly a natural time to reawaken your spiritand get a fresh start inside and out. At JK7®, we are conscious that the current situation around the world is a challenging one. It is more important than…

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April 2020Beauty

Looking at ageing through a different lens!

What happens to all of the deep understanding, the knowledge gained, unique perspectives and know-how, as we transverse and journey through life? In western culture people are expected to obtain and conquer milestones by a particular age by continuing to…

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January 2020Beauty

The Great Shift in The Skincare Industry

Herbal, Natural & High Performance Skin Care for Better Skin & Health. All over the world an increasing number of new and established skin care companies are turning towards nature as a source of ingredients to formulate skin…

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August 2019NowBeauty

Rich, Luscious Lip Balm with Coconut & Vanilla

You cannot go past JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care’s ultra-nourishing Lip Balm for lips in need of a sweet treat this summer. This super-healing Lip Balm will soothe and relieve lips that are dehydrated, overexposed to the sun,…

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August 2019Beauty

Reduce The Effects of Ageing Naturally!

Ageing is an inevitable process. Gaining wisdom and becoming self-assured is an upside of growing older. A downside, however, is the naturally occurring changes to the skin. These changes include the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a…

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August 2019Beauty


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