Feeling good in your Skin?

do you always feel good in your skin? If not, we have a valuable tip for you, with which you can noticeably improve your overall wellbeing from day to day. Flawless and firm skin, shiny hair, beautiful fingernails…

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July 2018NutritionBeauty

Keep Yourself Sun-Safe

Dr. Jurgen Klein and his family lived 30 years near Aidelade/Australia where the hot sun is ever present. As a biochemist, naturopath and alchemist, he has dealt extensively with skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure. In this…

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May 2016Natural HealingBeauty

Forever Young!

Never become old. Never die. Bio-gerontologist Aubrey de Grey strives to make this vision become reality. In the meantime, cosmetic and beauty companies promise to at least prevent the aging process from showing to the outside. “Forever young”…

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September 2015Life BalanceBeauty

Little time …, and quick results?

As the world advances technologically and our lives become busier and busier, people are increasingly accustomed to attaining things quickly. It seems that many of us are too impatient to accept processes that require time. Attention spans have…

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February 2014Natural HealingBeauty

Our Skin Eats too!

Just as the foods we consume are processed and absorbed by the body, so too are some of the products in the skin care we use. For this reason it is said that the skin “eats” too. Because…

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December 2013NutritionBeauty


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