In diesem Gastartikel von Osswald NYC wird erörtert, welche Stoffe in der Mangostan enthalten sind (Antioxidantien, Vitamin C, Stilbene,…) und welche positiven Effekte sie für die Haut hat (zellschützend, antibiotisch, antiparasitisch,…). „In der Volksheilkunde verschiedenster asiatischer Länder wird…

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October 2019Natural Healing


Spilanthes, Acmella Oleracea – Otherwise Known As: The Toothache Plant, Natures Toothbrush, The Botox Plant, Panacress, Electric Daisy, Jambu Oleoresin and Spilanthes Oleracea. A medicinal plant whose uses after many decades still seems to be burgeoning. Spilanthes a…

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July 2019Natural Healing


JK7® Plant of The Month: Marigold, also known as Calendula Officinalis, is one of the most effective medicinal plants and shouldn’t be missing from any medicine cabinet. Its healing effect on digestive disorders and inflammtion have been known…

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November 2016Natural Healing


JK7® Plant of The Month: Chamomile is one of the most popluar medicinal plants in Europe. The herb can be found in almost every kitchen cupboard, and rightly so, because Chamomile is a true jack-of-all-trades.

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October 2016Natural Healing

The truth about our
“sickness system”.

“The pharmaceutical industry has an insatiate desire for money and is exclusively profit-oriented. They aren’t interested in a cure or in a more educated patient”Dr. Jurgen Klein. Our newest Health Blog reveals the truth about our “sickness system”. …

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July 2016Natural Healing

Keep Yourself Sun-Safe

Dr. Jurgen Klein and his family lived 30 years near Aidelade/Australia where the hot sun is ever present. As a biochemist, naturopath and alchemist, he has dealt extensively with skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure. In this…

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May 2016Natural HealingBeauty

Little time …, and quick results?

As the world advances technologically and our lives become busier and busier, people are increasingly accustomed to attaining things quickly. It seems that many of us are too impatient to accept processes that require time. Attention spans have…

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February 2014Natural HealingBeauty


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