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Dr. Klein answers them all…

What is behind the JK7® philosophy?

A: To offer the world the best natural skin care on the market. Products that achieve actual results without making false claims. There is no other product in the world's market so rich in active ingredients, so good for the skin, and which is naturally based at the same time. Eight years of intensive research and testing have created a sophisticated and well working product range that is miles ahead of all others. And all this is made by the founder and former owner of Jurlique!

What is natural skin care all about?

A: Naturally based ingredients and no harmful chemicals. Skin care that feeds the skin in a beneficial way. As we like to say, “the skin eats also”.

Are there any benefits to users with acne?

A: JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care is gentle and helps to balance the moisture and oil content of the skin. Acne prone skin is very sensitive and therefore it’s even more important to watch out for the harsh chemicals which are usually present in the so called “acne relief brands”. JK7 ® Skin Care contains none of these irritating ingredients and helps to rehydrate the skin, with the healing properties of many of its ingredients.

Does JK7® utilize comedogenic ingredients?

A: No! It is the waxy, high saturated fats (animal, paraffin oil…) and the chemical ingredients that cause pores to become clogged. We use only natural plant based ingredients to help our users add moisture to their skin, nourish it and let it glow.

Does the product work to balance the pH of the skin?

A: Yes, a number of our ingredients such as lactic acid have balancing properties that help to make the skin healthy and alive. The pH value of all JK7 ® products is under 5-7, which is close to the skin’s pH value.

How do I know what products are right for my skin type?

A: Our website is designed to be very informative so that you can easily choose products for your particular skin type. As we have a range of very balanced and skin harmonizing products, you can truly use any cream or lotion for any skin type. You simply cannot chose wrongly. It is our belief that complicated “skin type" philosophies were created to sell more products, and to make cosmetics more complex (i.e. harder for consumers to understand). We do not follow that tradition, and strive to help balance all kinds of skin problems by not placing users into a "skin type box" forever, but rather, guiding all users to normal healthy skin.

How does JK7® test their products?

A: First and foremost, we do not test our products on animals. JK7® uses independent Universities to help with clinical trials such as in vitro cell research (in the lab) and double blind studies on human skin.

Do JK7® Skin Care products contain any harmful ingredient?

A: We are adamant that our products contain only the purest and most HELPFUL herbal based ingredients available. We use no chemicals or chemical preservatives but instead, preserve the product VERY well using natural means. Our product preservation has been proven with the toughest and most challenging scientific microbe test. A fact we are very proud of!

Why does JK7® Skin Care cost so much?

A: We use only the finest ingredients and spend countless hours employing top of the line professional skills to research and refine our products, so that we may deliver our users the BEST. We place true value in our bottles and not in our product marketing. The average skin care company may place about .50 cents to 2.00 dollars worth of raw materials in their bottles and jars, using mostly cheap chemical ingredients and fillers. Our products contain a high concentration of very well performing ingredients (some of which cost us upwards of $100-$600 per ounce/30 grams). Because we are so committed to creating a stellar product we continue to only produce limited quantities of our gourmet skin care, creating only a limited supply.

Are the products allergy tested?

A: Our products are allergy tested and our customer care team is available to discuss any specific concerns you may have about skin care allergies and skin problems.

Why do JK7® products vary in color?

A: Quite simply, we do not bleach or artificially color any of our products. We leave them in the most pure and natural state. Herbal ingredients have a natural color that can often be slight grayish or light brown. Pure white should not automatically to be understood as natural. For example, when you think of fruit juices and herbal teas, they are all colored. So, the color of our products is a good sign, as our products are boosted with herbal extracts and therefore produce results.

I like to use every last drop of my JK7® products and often find I have difficulty getting the last little bit out of the 45 ml, 30 ml and 15 ml bottles. Is there a way to solve this?

A: We have overfilled our 45 ml jars so that our users are in fact getting 50 ml. This means you are getting 10% more content then what you pay for and what is written on the label. In order to get the remaining cream off the bottom of the bottle you can place the bottle upside down over night, or for a couple of hours. When ready to use, simply remove the pump and shake the product onto your palm. The cream will come out with ease. When you are finished, return the pump and secure it in place. Then, store the bottle upside down again.

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