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Frequently Asked Questions

Quite simply, we do not bleach or artificially color any of our products. We leave them in the most pure and natural state. Herbal ingredients have a natural color that can often be slight grayish or light brown. Pure white should not automatically to be understood as natural. For example, when you think of fruit juices and herbal teas, they are all colored. So, the color of our products is a good sign, as our products are boosted with herbal extracts and therefore produce results.

We have overfilled our 45 ml jars so that our users are in fact getting 50 ml. This means you are getting 10% more content then what you pay for and what is written on the label. In order to get the remaining cream off the bottom of the bottle you can place the bottle upside down over night, or for a couple of hours. When ready to use, simply remove the pump and shake the product onto your palm. The cream will come out with ease. When you are finished, return the pump and secure it in place. Then, store the bottle upside down again.