Dr. Jurgen Klein

Dr. Jurgen Klein, a visionary born in Germany, has lived through some of the most profound and significant events of the last century and has consistently sought to be on the cutting edge of our time.

Early in life he felt the calling to question the conventional, to research, to examine, and to develop products that can make our planet a better place to live.


Dr. Klein was introduced to forest herbs by his grandfather. Even in poverty-stricken, post-war Germany, the value and magic of nature was revealed to him. Based on this experience, Dr. Klein delved into science, chemistry, alchemy, naturopathy, psychology, and spirituality leading him to superior ideas and achievements. With a PhD in Chemistry, a diploma in Naturopathy, and the opportunity to become an Alchemist, he encountered the perfect conditions to plant his strong entrepreneurial seed.

In the early 70’s Dr. Klein founded LIVOS, a natural company producing and selling poison-free paints. Afterwards he worked as a developer, researcher, and scientific leader for Wala/Dr. Hauschka in Germany.

In 1984 he moved with his family of 6 to Australia and founded JURLIQUE, the “Purest Skin Care on Earth”. Breaking the molds in the natural skin care market, he produced bio-dynamic/organic high quality herbs and products becoming a pioneer in the field of health, natural therapies, and wellness, helping to pave the way for the spa and wellness industry of today. He drove the company to global success through his unique approach, skin care and health education, concept Spa stores, and world recognition as an erudite of the skin.

In 2002 he decided to move ahead and sold JURLIQUE, always envisioning a better path to health and inner growth. He spent years doing charity work in Asia, extensively traveling through China, India, Nepal and Tibet, and finally settling between Hawaii and Switzerland to cultivate the new concepts he had in mind.

Dr. Klein has never looked back, and with Hawaii as a foundation, he used his forward vision to develop the next level in Natural Skin Care. Following the principles of Alchemy and Biochemistry, he created JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care, a herbal based, organic, high performance, scientifically backed, unmatchable product. The OTHERNESS defines what JK7® represents; an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts, resulting in truly synergizing skin care.

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Dr. Klein wrote two books, his first book “Unearthing Nature’s Secrets” where he detailed his life journey and experiences with Krishnamurti, Suma Ching Hai, Edward de Bono, Robert Kiyosaki, Bert Hellinger, Helen Manock, and Frater Albertus among others. His second book, “The JK7 SPA Sensator®” is the result of Dr. Klein’s inspirational trip to Tibet, where his ideas took a clear format creating the revolutionary Anti-Stress invention which provides total body and mind relaxation and a synergizing experience for the overloaded senses. The first Anti-Stress center was installed at The Sullivan Estate & SPA Retreat in the state of Hawaii, USA. Through his concepts and vision, Dr. Klein is still inspiring people worldwide to achieve wellness and longevity through custom made treatment programs and products.

The JK7-Antistress SPA Sensator®

ISBN 978-3-8301-1520-5

The JK7-Antistress SPA Sensator®, is about Jurgen’s now patented JK7-SPA Sensator® invention as well as the so called “Spa of the Future”. Prototypes can be found in Dr. Jurgen and Karin Klein’s retreats in Hawaii, Lugano/Switzerland and Woelfnitz, Austria.
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Unearthing Nature’s Secrets

ISBN 978-0-578-01317-6

Unearthing Nature’s Secrets, is a memoir of great adventure and faith; from Dr. Klein’s first introduction to forest herbs by his grandfather to becoming a pioneer in the field of health and wellness.

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Nutze die Geheimnisse der Natur

Nutze die Geheimnisse der Natur ist eine Anleitung, wie man trotz Armut, Sorgen, Schmerz und Krankheit durch gute Ideen, Ehrlichkeit und Ausdauer zu Wohlstand, besserer Gesundheit und Fitness bis ins hohe Alter gelangen kann. Wir lesen die spannende und lebensnahe Biografie des deutschen Wissenschaftlers Dr. Juergen Klein, der aus eigener Kraft in Australien die weltweit erfolgreiche Naturkosmetik-Firma JURLIQUE gruendete, die gerade zum zweiten Mal an eine japanische Firma verkauft wurde. Ueber den ersten Verkauf der Firma lesen Sie in diesem Buch.

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