JK7® Product Family

JK7® delivers perfect unity of high-luxury, caring nature, evidence-based science and visible performance on your skin. The products bring new life to the skin cells with an uncompromising formula.


The innovative JK7® Cleansers are the secret of healthy, glowing skin.
The high-performing Cleansers are designed to detoxify, purify while keeping your skin hydrated.

Face Masks

Indulge your skin with the JK7® Face Masks. Whether your skin needs a quick face lifter or
a powerful detox treatment, with these state-of-the-art products you always make the right choice.

Moisturizing Mists & Fresheners

JK7®’s sophisticated Beauty Mists-Fresheners are for those who live for luxury.
They smell divinely exquisite. A few spritzes will refresh your skin and uplift your mood.

Day & Night Care

Experience an extraordinary Transformation. Immediately after applying
one of the JK7® moisturizer, your skin starts to look bright and healthy.

Anti-Ageing & Longevity Care

The ground-breaking formula of JK7®'s anti-ageing products minimizes the appearance of signs of ageing
for a more vibrant, uplifted look. Experience decadence with the world's most expensive Serum-Lotion.

Eye & Lip Care

The JK7® Eye Products are full of anti-aging powerhouses to make a difference
when it comes to a spectacular skin density and improved skin firmness.

Body Care

Polish and perfect your top-to-toe skincare regime with the full range of luxury
body care products. They are refreshing, nourishing and smell divine.


Discover the World of JK7® - stay tuned for exciting news about Beauty, Health and Wellbeing.