Secret Age-Defying Gel

Secret Age-Defying Gel

Sandalwood & Orange

The light and very effective JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel is the perfect product to curb premature ageing and is guaranteed to keep your skin feeling firm and fresh. The Gel contains a powerful complex of Vitamin C and E, as well as an abundance of herbal extracts.

We use our own patented extract from the rind of the Mangosteen, also called “God’s Fruit” in Asia, which provides a powerful anti-ageing effect.

The JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel is the perfect life-force enhancing and anti-ageing treatment. The luxurious formula repairs, enhances and protects your skin’s long-term radiance and health.

It is a potent fast acting and well penetrating Recovery Gel, which refreshes and tightens stressed, tired looking skin.

After cleansing, apply JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel onto your face, neck, and décolleté using light circular strokes. Follow with JK7® 24H Cream or JK7® Day Face Lotion. Recommended for everyday use. For deeper overnight rejuvenation, apply a
 layer of JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel, followed by a layer of JK7® 24H Cream and an additional layer of JK7® Secret Age Defying-Gel for maximum result.

We especially recommend the Gel for normal to oily skin.

Garcinia Mangostana Fruit contains powerful Xanthones and antioxidants, and is used to prevent damage to healthy cells while restoring damaged skin.

Size: 30mL/1.0 fl.oz

Retail Price: USD 950,-

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