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  • Sylvia Ehrenreich, GERMANY
    My favorite product is the JK7 24 h day & night cream. I’ve already been using it for a couple of years and I never lose the excitement when putting the cream onto my face because I am completely conscious about the fact that I „feed“ my skin with the best possible nutrition on earth. Once I smell and inhale the scent of the ingredients on my skin, my senses lift up and I start feeling great. My skin glows and absorbs the cream in a perfect way. I just cannot imagine, putting something else on my skin, since I have made these fantastic experiences with JK7.
  • Arzana SAKIPI, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
    The JK7 Golden Face Oil makes my skin so much more radiant and soft. I feel that I am really cared for and that my skin is super nourished.
    I use it every evening and the next morning my skin glows and I feel empowered and fit.
    I really love the scent of the JK7® products. This healing aromatherapy treatment not only nurtures my skin, but also my soul.
  • Mish Mish, OMAN
    I just adore the feel of all JK7 products on my skin. It is so reassuring to know that what I am putting on my skin has been so carefully researched and crafted without causing any damage to either any animals or the environment. I would like to say a very big MAHALO to all the JK7 team both in Hawaii and Austria for all their wonderful care.

Instantly visible regeneration

The difference of JK7® is in its ultra-potent natural and organic formulas with some of the purest, rarest and most effective essential oils and herbal extracts, bringing new life into skin cells for instantly visible rejuvenation.

Handmade in Hawaii