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Osswald Parfumerie, Zurich

Bahnhofstrasse 17, Zürich – Switzerland

Only the best is good enough thought Osswald Perfumery and took on JK7®. Rejuvenating JK7® treatments are also available in their exclusive SPA.

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Halekulani Hotel, Hawaii

2199 Kalia Rd, Honolulu – Hawaii

Paradise on earth – pure relaxation at Halekulani 5* Hotel & SPA.



Amour Fou - Mandarin Hotel, Munich

Mandarin Oriental, Munich - Germany

Now you can get JK7® Skin Care Facials in the Amour Fou – Spa de Beauté at the Mandarin Hotel in Munich!


Park Gstaad, Switzerland

Wispilenstrasse 29, 3780 Gstaad – Switzerland

The 5* Hotel in the Swiss Alps features 4 restaurants, perfect mountains and a 1000 m2 spa area for your body and JK7® for your skin.


Parfümerie Brückner-Bublitz, Munich

Parfümerie Brückner-Bublitz - Munich

JK7® is now also available in the center of Munich at the famous Parfümerie Brückner-Bublitz which used to deliver cosmetic products to the king back in the days!

Frankfurt Airport - VIP Lounge

Frankfurt Airport - Germany

Our new home is the luxurious VIP Lounge at Frankfurt Airport!



Naturkosmetik Stebler, Chur

Quaderstrasse 8, 7001 Chur - Switzerland

JK7® products are now available at Naturkosmetik Stebler



Parfumerie Liechti, Reinach

Hauptstrasse 27, 4153 Reinach bei Basel – Switzerland

JK7® Luxurious Natural is now also available at the Parfumerie Liechti in Reinach bei Basel.



Parfumerie Schneider, Olten

Hübelistrasse 1, 4600 Olten – Switzerland

Parfumerie Schneider offers a very select choice of innovative and products. JK7® is one of only 4 brands to be featured there.



Parfumerie Stefani, Appenzell

Hauptgasse 19, Appenzell – Switzerland

Now you can get JK7® Products and Skin Care Facials at Parfumerie Stefani, in Appenzell!



Kobberger Parfümerie, Germany

Kobberger Parfümerie - Germany

Finally, the high-class JK7® products are also available in the German financial metropolis of Frankfurt at the renowned perfumery Kobberger.

Aedes Perfumery - NYC

Aedes Perfumery - NYC

Shop JK7® at the beautiful Aedes Perfumery in NYC.

Fx Miller Beauty Concept Store

Neupfarrplatz 16, Regensburg - Germany

The outstanding story of the FX Miller Beauty Concept Store continues with JK7®.



Parfümerie Hickmann

Markt 5, Annaberg-Buchholz - Germany

Best for Beauty – Perfumery Hickmann & Kosmetik.

Parfümerie am Tegernsee by Hildegard

Seestraße 12, 83700 Rottach-Egern - Germany

Welcome to a place of beauty & elegance!


W Osaka, Marriott Japan

4-1-3 Minami Semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka – Japan

Escape the ordinary at W Osaka’s AWAY® Spa. Truly extraordinary treatments using JK7® Skin Care products that will reinvigorate and reawaken.

Royal Gift Parfumery & Cosmetics, Almaty

VILLA Boutiques & Restaurants, Almaty – Kazakhstan

JK7® now available at Royal Gift Parfumery & Cosmetics, a luxury boutique in Almaty, Kazakhstan offering beauty selections fit for royalty.

The Sullivan Estate & JK7® SPA Retreat

Perched majestically above the North Shore of Oahu, our retreat offers breathtaking views, stellar holistic spa treatments and world renowned service.


JK7® Spa & Wellness Retreat @ SOHO

A luxurious boutique hotel for discerning travellers who appreciate distinctive services of the highest quality and have a love for detail.