The Otherness

Get to know, what makes JK7® Skin Care so special – and why we claim it‘s
the first 100% natural and high-performing skin care on the market.

The Beginnings

Dr. Jurgen Klein, founder and creator of Jurlique, has once again broken through industry standards and created the first high performing, luxury skin care line, that is both
100% natural and organic.

A product so special that there is quite literally no other to compare it to – a product whose value is truly in the contents of the bottle.

Highest Quality
in each Bottle!

Prized JK7® owned Signature Extracts,
provide a powerful anti-ageing/well-aging effect.

Essential Oils.

Only the purest organic or wild crafted essential oils are used. These oils are featured in their highly concentrated forms in order to deliver the maximum, pharmaceutical grade benefit to the skin, body and mind.

Spagyric Herbal Extracts

rich in the life-force of each plant, enhance & enable maximum benefit for the skin and overall health.

Scientifically proven results.

The research team led by Professor Wei Zhang at Flinders University School of Medicine in Australia, confirms the scientifically proven results of JK7®.


in our family owned boutique production facility in Hawaii, part of the worlds’s first holistic, non-medical Anti-Stress-Center.

Environmentally Conscious

through sustainably sourced ingredients and recyclable glass bottles, boxes and printed material.


lab bottle - strike through

Chemicals &

oil barrell - strike through

Acrylics &

animal paw - strike through

Animal Content
& Testing

Let Your Skin tell
you the Truth

Skin Vitality & Longevity

Fresh vs. Chemical

There is a vast difference between applying fresh, alive ingredients, full of vitality, and non-live, chemical based, over processed ingredients, to ones’ skin.

Premature ageing, endocrine (hormonal) imbalance, and toxin absorption by the internal organs, are some of the short, intermediate and long-term side effects resulting from chemicals commonly used in skin care.

JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care provides long term benefits to the users’ skin, through the use of alive, bio-available, 100% natural ingredients, and formulations devoid of any chemicals.

With JK7®, expect immediate and lasting radiance from skin that is vital, and healthier, with less wrinkles.

JK7® is 100%




Natural &

hand and heart

with love

JK7® is free from synthetic fragrances and coloring agents, acrylics, chemical preservatives and mineral oils – No chemical fillers at any stage of production.

No animal content and no animal testing is a given for us.

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